Press Pause Cards

Press Pause Cards

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Sometimes, our thoughts snowball. Something small happens, like forgetting to attach an attachment to an email. Five minutes later, we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re a dreadful person, awful at our job, our colleagues hate us, we’re going to be fired, so we won’t be able to pay our rent, and we’ll end up homeless.

Woah. We need to pop in a pause.

Interrupting these run-away thoughts can be tricky. Sometimes we need a little bit of help.

Pull these pauses out of your bag, breathe, and read through them one at a time. Keep them in your office drawer and share one with a colleague when they’re having a bad day. Or slide one under the door of your sibling’s bedroom in the middle of exam season.

What’s Included?

1 pack of 12 cards
Each card is 11cmx11cm
Cards are soft, silky, and sturdy.