White Hot Chocolate Spoon

White Hot Chocolate Spoon

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These hot chocolate spoons are handmade from the highest quality White Belgian Chocolate.

They come with the perfect helping of mini-marshmallows, to make your at home Hot Chocolate experience even more authentic and delicious. 

Simply heat up a mug of milk, until steaming, and then stir in the hot chocolate spoon until melted, and finish with by adding your mini-marshmallows on top.

Contains a minimum of 28% cocoa solids, no marshmallows included. 

Also included in this gift;

- Christmas postcard 

- Gift wrapping and a handwritten note

Is it a gift?

  •  We’ll pop it in the parcel for you and send direct. We can also add "do not open until Christmas" stickers - Include a note at checkout and leave the rest to me.

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