Gingerbread Treats Melt (3 Gingerbread men)

Gingerbread Treats Melt (3 Gingerbread men)

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Ala Melts Gingerbread Treats wax melts are similar in style and identity to the famous cleaning products.

Our Gingerbread Treats wax melts exudes a strong and prominent smell associated with sparkling ginger, saffron lace, lemon zest and spun sugar. Filling your home with light undertones of cinnamon stick, brown sugar and molasses. Following with a beautiful aroma of shaved nutmeg, clove bud, allspice and rich vanilla.

Our Christmas Collection wax melts are perfect for those who want their home to smell festive in the upcoming months.

Created by the amazing Ala Melts - Ala Melts use luxury soy wax which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Soy wax is non toxic and suitable for migraine and asthma sufferers.

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