54 Ways to Ease The Anxious Mind Card Pack

54 Ways to Ease The Anxious Mind Card Pack

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We all have times when we experience a barrage of anxious thoughts. Sometimes it’s due to a specific event (nobody likes hearing ‘we need to talk’!). But for some of us, those anxious thoughts don’t just spike, they can feel as though they’re always bubbling away in the background.

When our anxious thoughts won’t stop buzzing, it’s difficult to find the brain space to think of ways that we could ease them. It’s hard to remember to ‘count back from 100’ or find the sensory toolkit we’ve created when we’re totally overwhelmed.

Sometimes we need a little help… and that’s why we’ve pulled together 54 different ways to ease an anxious mind.

Keep them in your glovebox for anxiety-provoking outings, pop your favourite cards in your purse so that they’re always with you, or go through them with your grandchildren when they’re worried about something at school.

What’s included?

1 pack of 54 Cards
Each card is 64mm x 90mm (the same size as an average pack of cards)
Cards feel soft and silky for added shuffle-ability