About Me

Hey girl! I'm Nikki and I am the Founder of You Got This Club!

You Got This Club launched in March 2020 after I had a car accident at the beginning of January 2020, it got me thinking about a lot and I wanted to inject some happiness into mine and others lives too! I always wanted to start an adventure like this and I just thought YOLO and went for it one afternoon, and here we are! It helped cheer me up and I hope it's cheered you up too! 

I'm the owner of way too many sparkly/floral converse, I'm often found in the breweries around Stirchley, I ran a half marathon once and haven't shut up about it since, and I'm a basic bitch with a hot tub in my garden.

I enjoy bright colours, thoughtful cards, cheap delivery and feel good items so then arrived You Got This Club! I currently stock the most awesome gifts from amazing creatives to help spread the small business love. 

If you would like to talk about becoming a stockist on yougotthisclub please get in touch via info@yougotthisclub.com

Lots of love,